My strategy is to record, to observe. Then to find a way how to set up conditions for a situation that will develop by its own will, its own nature and by keeping character of the persons and sites involved. My artistic position is more that of a trigger than a director. To find out the right way to trigger is the hardest work. Then I observe and try to give the recording the right form to present what I have seen.


It took me a long time and many meetings to find a way how to work with the persons involved in tragic political cause which started 40 years ago and is still not resolved due to structures which survived the revolution in ’89 and only changed names and strategies to confuse the public. The resulting video installations miss any direct statements on the problematic - the purpose was to show something much more subtle and abstract.


It takes me a long time to find the conditions in a landscape that provide me with a convergence of light, humidity, space and point of view to create an image so subtle as there was nearly nothing to see in there. I am convinced that this subtlety provides a certain depth, which can be discovered after the viewer agrees to get involved, to stare, and to wait on what he will see.


Recording is a work with something one does not fully understand. It is the world with all uncertainties, processes and sizes we cannot truly cover. This cooperation with the outer and its dynamics is my main interest.


I invite the spectator to enter, to co - create, to stare, without distraction, on something that isn’t meant to be finished.

Artist statement