I work with the space of landscape as a material for abstract perception, co - creation of the image/experience by the viewer. Creating an open ended work, not trying to communicate an idea formulable in language. Using mediums, which are described as having a certain exact relation to the commonly shared outside world, I adopt the limitations set by it as a part of the process. Image, formed by light, without adjustments, has then a direct link to the moment in past, to a certain cumulation of light - space - presence in the environment we share. What was before the camera is dimmed, obscured by the amount of information I let to be printed on film, or to be told in the story of moving image and sound . What interests me in the end is the space that forms in the mind of the spectator, who is invited to enter the image/ action/ history.



Landscape is my co - worker, co - performer. The time spent in landscape also shapes my own perception - being outside a human constructed rhythm of the day.

In the time of integration of virtual reality into daily life, when losing the connection to physical world is slowly becoming a wide spread problem; with information being added to objects, spaces - my strategy is to work analog, carrying the camera, waiting to see the image only after developing, spending time in darkroom and putting the importance on the physical print of the photograph, removing the information, story, reference to a specific place. Inviting the spectator to enter, to co - create, to stare, without distraction, on something he can't finish.



Artist statement