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When you enter the Dry Cave, sound of the outside world is muted. You are in an environment with nearly 100% humidity and the image of the forest outside looks like a projection on the wall of the cave. Starting point for the project was the late work of Czechoslovak artist Michal Kern, who was visiting the cave obsessively in the last years of life, creating photograms and sketches of stones found there. He said the time has a different flow in there. On a basis of his enthusiasm for this place I decided to find it 25 years after his death with the intention that the ‘plot’ will start to conceive on its own. Three ‘scapes’ overlap here and my position is that of observer, recorder, manager.  Collaboration with the boy (Simon) is a continuity (I Woke Up In A Valley, 2016). Lesson of the play at the largest pipe organ in Slovakia is a daydream for a boy of his age. Mr. Surin was the initiator and manager for the realization of this instrument. They see each other for the first time only for the purpose of play – „to try how it sounds“

2018 2017
HD video, sound, 16 min, silver gelatin photograph